Justin Gessel

The Houston Magic Man

No top hats...no rabbits...no gimmicks...

...Just magic!

Are you looking for a magican in the Houston area? Looking for something different from the stereotypical birthday magician? Look no further!  

I started out as a street magician. This means that I would walk up to strangers on the sidewalk, pull out a deck of cards, and make magic happen right in front of them. When you do magic like this, there isn't time for big, flashy props and hours of setup before the performance begins. I learned how to pack light and put on a show anywhere. I have since broadened my horizons to doing large stage shows, smaller parlor shows, as well as table hopping, but I still try to remain true to my roots. The best kind of magic is the kind that happens right in front of you. 

My repertoire is family friendly, but is geared toward an older audience. My style and tricks would not be the best option for a young child's birthday party. However, I would be the perfect magician for restaurant work, company events, corporate parties or dinners, house parties, community events,  bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, sweet 16s, family reunions, or wedding receptions.

For additional information, feel free to contact me using the form found here