Justin Gessel

The Houston Magic Man

My passion for magic actually evolved from an interest in theater and acting. This was a natural transition for me, since doing magic is so much more than just sleight-of-hand. When I was 14 years old, I attended a convention for high school theater students. One of the classes at the convention was titled "How Magic Can Improve Your Acting." I was intrigued, so I attended the workshop. The magician that was there amazed me, and I left with a resolution that someday I would do magic like he did. That is only half the story though...

A good friend of mine was also interested in magic, and after he showed me some very impressive tricks, I asked for his help. He stayed true to the magician's code, and instead of teaching me his secrets, he taught me how to figure magic tricks out. That skill, along with 10+ years of practice has brought me to where I am today. I've now performed all over the country, doing both solo and group performances with other magicians. I've now decided to settle down in Houston Texas, and I'm ready to bring some magic to H-town.